A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Play as a sacrificial lamb, don your guard disguise and make a mad dash for freedom through a Mayan temple crawling with guards. Fool the guards into believing you are one of them by being polite and waving in the appropriate way. (These guards have some pretty complicated etiquette.)

On The Lamb is a pixel runner/rhythm game made during the 2014 Fab 48-Hour Game Making Challenge, an annual game jam hosted in Brisbane, Australia. Three keywords were provided in this challenge: 'sacrifice', 'guard', and 'wave'. The game was designed around these keywords.

This game can be played with an xbox360 controller or on a keyboard.

Camila Duran Espinosa (@camiduran)
Wren Brier (@wrenegadey)

Adrienne Love (@diamond_drop_)
Cameron Bland
Michael Whitman (@mfwhitman)
Racheal Smith (@pennyfuggle)

Music licensed by Creative Commons 3.0 (non-commercial, share-alike, attribution)

Heavens Trial by WingoWinston (accessed 5th Oct 2014)
did i lose? by jambrother2 (accessed 5th Oct 2014)
Cephalopod by Kevin MacLeod (accessed 5th Oct 2014)

Install instructions

Install instructions:


1) Download the zip archive containing the 'On The Lamb' game
2) Extract the folder inside the zip archive by right clicking on the file in Windows Explorer and selecting 'Extract files...'
3) After the wizard extracts the files, enter the folder 'OnTheLamb' and double click 'OnTheLamb.exe' to run

Mac & Linux: Coming soon!


OnTheLamb.zip 35 MB
OnTheLamb-linux.zip 31 MB
OnTheLamb-osx.zip 35 MB


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Hello from Indonesia!

You did a very great job.

Honestly, I really like this game. Very simple but Hard in the same time.

Thanks to you guys that make such a great game.

I really enjoy it.

Keep your spirit on guys! and Once again.... Thanks!